The Beginning of NSP 3


I've begun the great migration of NMR Solvent Peaks to SwiftUI.

I have looked into porting the iOS / iPadOS version a few times, and always hit hard walls. Not being to place certain views where I wanted was the primary problem, but there were others. But three things have changed:

  1. A redesign of the main interface renders many of the issues I had before moot
  2. I've worked around some of the SwiftUI problems to put things where I want them
  3. The rest of the problems aren't bad enough to warrant a workaround (read: a pile of hacks)

To my surprise, I could have done this all last year, since none of what I've written (so far) requires the iOS 16 improvements to SwiftUI. The main thing motivating me is the message from the WWDC '22 Platforms State of the Union: AppKit and UIKit will be around for a while, but they're old news.

I'm not sure it's the same sort of transition as Carbon to Cocoa back in the early Mac OS X days. Carbon absolutely went away for good in Snow Leopard, but SwiftUI "compiles down" to AppKit and UIKit components in the background. The only way those frameworks are going away is if SwiftUI actually runs natively on their platform, and I don't think that's happening any time soon.

I'm only partway through the porting process. But the underlying model code doesn't need to change at all (it's still Swift, after all). Porting over the multiplet drawing code wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. And the overall design for the main interface is starting to come together. In the next few weeks, I'll see if I can get it across the finish line. Hopefully it'll be ready when iOS 16 drops in September or October.