Starting off Fresh


Here we go, post number 1.

I've tried the blog thing before, it never stuck. For a while in college I was using the old iWeb as a sort of journal, but that thing is lost to time. Later on, tried running a Wordpress blog, which actually went all right, but wasn't very exciting - save for one time when I criticized some guy's op-ed in Science, he got mad, and emailed me and my PI about it. I tried to reassure him that basically nobody read the thing, but, people-who-google-themselves will be how they are.

Chances are, this won't stick either. But this time, I'm writing it from scratch, so at least it'll be a fun programming project. Going to try the static site generator approach. Fill a folder full of text files with entries, run a command, and have it spit out a fully-formed html-only site. No comments or anything like that, which is a feature, not a bug.

I'm not even sure what to call the site. There are some options for inspiration, like qntm's Things of Interest, or Michael Tsai's blog without a name, or Daring Fireball. I'm not going to title it "untitled blog" or whatever. Probably going to end up being a cool word or two that doesn't already get a lot of search results.